Sweet Deliverance…

It feels amazing to be delivered…when fear and anxiety come, to turn to sweet sisters in Christ and to have them pray and to feel the immediate deliverance.

The past week has been so precious to me.  To learn to rest in PEACE.  To not feel any guilt.  To know I am acting in obedience to sweetly rest with a joyful and peaceful heart.  Now, that is wonderful rest 🙂

My devotions each day have been so pertinent, to know He is peeking into my heart and knows exactly what I am feeling and exactly what I need to hear.  That’s beautiful intimacy…this journey of intimacy with Him is my greatest desire and longing in this life.  I sense I am at the start of it.  But, if I do nothing else in this life, intimacy with Jesus is all I long for, my goal, my aim in life.  Intimacy with Him never disappoints…it never leaves me wanting for more, feeling unfulfilled.

The Philippians study at PWOC has come to a close.  The Lord is maturing, deepening my walk with Him in so many ways. Each week has been so pertinent with sharpening and encouragement.  I have loved this study!

With Emma, God has deepened my faith, taught me how to peacefully rest, and when I have sought Him about her, He’s spoken to me often about trusting in His sovereignty, strength, power and goodness.  And then, the other morning in a devotion, He spoke to me about her birth…and told me to not waiver in unbelief.  Each time He speaks about something so important to me, I ask for confirmation to be certain.  I am trusting not in my own understanding, but in His voice.  His voice is clear, it is continual, it is TRUTH.  Regardless of what happens, I trust that HE will be with me in each and every detail of what is to come.

My heart is filled with PEACE and EXCITEMENT…such sweet anticipation for Emma’s birth.  And He will be right there with me to help me and to celebrate 🙂

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