Birthday and Mother’s Day wishes :-)

Big Python Snake!
Big Python Snake!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my birthday 🙂  What a beautiful weekend it was!

I had such unusual energy and cleaned my home (not on my birthday though!), went through Hannah’s clothes and set up Emma’s room, and said goodbye to almost all of Lew’s clothes.  We gave much away in a post wide yard sale the other weekend (it’s so neat they have those here!!!), and more to Big Brother’s Big Sisters this weekend (they even do pick ups at your home), and am giving the ‘hard-to-give-away’ sentimental ones to a sweet friend.  A few left for mommy to keep 🙂

We set up our garden and put the rest of our pictures up….it feels as if our home is really ready now to add another little one!

We went to a pet store and saw the biggest snake I’ve ever seen–it was a python snake that had just been fed and was looking at Hannah scrumptiously…(I think Brian took me to the creepiest pet store ever, but it was really neat….just lots of creepy crawlies, not puppies and kittens and cute little animals).  We got our roly poly cage…and are ready to create a home for roly polys and ladybugs too.  Babysteps to getting that dog the kids and I have longed for!  Deep inside, I know I could not handle a dog right now, but oh, the desire has been there so long!  We are going to get daddy on the same page one of these days 🙂  He was very happy when I was in the Army and deployed and said goodbye to my kittens…little Peter and Hannah…he said he considered that he would still marry me even if they came with me, but was very happy they did not!  I think he’ll climb on board when the time is right 🙂 We are taking care of the hummingbirds, squirrels, birds, roly polys and the flower and vege garden for now 🙂

Brian called me a Proverbs 31 wife this morning as we dropped him off at work…so sweet and meaningful for year 31 🙂  This energy really came from out of the blue…

The kids were amazing all weekend and it was sweet bliss and a precious Mommy’s day gift.  They made me sweet crafts and sang me happy birthday and gave me lots of cuddles.  God gave me hope in areas where I needed encouragement and showed me areas where He wanted me to grow…it is in those blissful days that I can soak up the teaching and lessons…to learn to apply in the tougher days.  God’s peace reigns in the sunshine and in the dark.  He reminded me in a devotion that Christ IN me is where my peace lies and that it is ALWAYS there.  He challenged me to suffer joyfully for Him and to remember that our present sufferings are nothing compared to the ever-surpassing glory that will be revealed in us.

Little Emma gave me lots of kicks to let me know she was there too 🙂  I love her kicks.  They are not very hard as I remember Lewis and Hannah’s often being…but are soft, gentle nudges to not let me forget that she is there and almost ready to join us.  We are praying for a Joyful, Peaceful, Faithful, and Obedient heart for her.  Is that too much to ask?  Probably, but we are asking anyway!!!

Happy Mommy’s Day to all of you 🙂

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