Little Hannah Cottontail :-)


Little Hannah Cottontail :-)
Little Hannah Cottontail 🙂

DSC04618 DSC04635

"Pretty Kitty"
“Pretty Kitty”

Our “Pretty Kitty” Update:

“Little Hannah Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippety hoppety, Easter’s on its way…”  This is what daddy sings along with the singing toothbrush she got as a gift 🙂  This is how we will remember her–her sweet face, cute little dimples, amazing smile, sweet cuddles, her deep love for buddy, her soft, gentle voice and graceful spirit.  Daddy’s favorite nickname for her is “pretty kitty,” to which she always responds with a “meow meow meow” and snuggles in daddy’s face 🙂

The Lord has grown and prepared this little girl so much too!  At 2 years and 8 months, she is almost completely potty trained and has shown so much initiative and desire. We are so thankful for this!  Lew was potty trained at 4, so this has been the most pleasant surprise 🙂  She is very smart, but reserved about how much she knows….I’m always amazed at the things that come out of her mouth!   She’s sucking on those fingers less and less and not needing her “night night” so much either.  One of the most comical things she’s been doing lately is calling me “mom.”  I plead, “mommy?,” she chuckles and says with confidence, “mom.”  She’s growing up a bit too fast for me!!!

She’s been very fussy and attached lately, and always wanting to be in my arms, which has been hard to do while hobbling around on a cane…I know so much is changing in her world right now…Lewis is really growing up now and not her “partner in crime” anymore 😉 , she misses him so much when he’s away :-(, mommy is resting most of the time, and she is spending more and more time with other people as I wait for this nerve pain to subside.  She is very attuned socially and careful to notice changes, which there have been many of lately.   She knows Emma is coming soon too.  She is trying a variety of ways to get our attention right now, but we are patiently responding in consistent and deep love for her, knowing the Lord knows everything she needs and will provide abundantly to fill her up.  We are singing “Jesus loves you” often and reassuring her of our love for her, regardless of the silly things she is saying and doing to test our love.  We’re holding those boundaries, but also choosing our battles.  She’s been through these transition periods before and each time on the other side, her TRUE spirit shines.

She often calls Lewis her best friend, and Lewis told his teacher the other day that Hannah was his best friend too.  They are still two peas in a pod, although their honeymoon phase ended soon after we arrived here, which was followed by spurts of rivalry and bouts of “partners-in-crime.”  Now, she feels the absence of her partner-in-crime, but is still trying to hold us out solo!

She loves playing with her friends Rachel, Caroline, Ellie, Abby, and Sasha.  She loves dresses, her favorite color is pink, her favorite toy is “a pink toy,” her favorite food is carrots and yogurt, she loves tea parties, picnics, Minnie Mouse, playing at the park, and she loves reading books with me and “petting” my hair.  She is excited about transitioning to big girl undies 🙂

Oh, we love this little girl!  She is so precious to us.  So full of love and sweetness.  This is definitely the little girl I’ve always longed for.  I really wanted our second to be a little girl and the most precious little girl came to us.  I cannot imagine any more wonderful blessings than these two little beautiful arrows!  I can’t picture in my head right now the love and added dimension that a third lovely arrow will bring to our little flock.  I think Hannah is going to love having a little sister.

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