My Knight in White Shining Armor…or a Dunce Cap! :-)

They are NOT afraid!!!
They are NOT afraid!!!
Warding off the feisty geese attack at the Deanna Rose Farm!
Warding off the feisty geese attack at the Deanna Rose Farm!
So handsome :-)
So handsome 🙂
Now, THIS is the man I fell in love with!  :-)
Now, THIS is the man I fell in love with! 🙂
Doesn't he look spiffy?
Doesn’t he look spiffy?

No, the duck is not my knight!!!!  But, it was pretty funny that it popped up as the first picture 🙂

Ok, I’ve never done this so openly before, but I really have to brag a bit about my husband here!!!

I am completely in awe of this sweet gift of a husband to me.  As I have been hobbling around and resting quite a bit, he decided to get me a beautiful pink rose cane and fizzy water to calm my tummy, as a sweet surprise a few days ago.  He has been serving us so joyfully and faithfully, taking his responsibilities and mine, and “baby wrangling,” as Brian calls it, those little kiddies of ours each night.  He’s been somehow managing to continue to take us on adventures everywhere throughout this challenging pregnancy to all sorts of fun places.  These adventures have really filled our little munchkins’ tanks up! 🙂

The other day, as the pain was getting more and more intense each day, despite physical therapy and pain medication, my thoughts began to cave….I read a devotion and the Lord told me to not judge or evaluate myself, scrutinize, ask “why,” compare, etc…but to look to HIM for my affirmation, my unconditional LOVE…this is something He is asking me to bear, but loving me deeply and lavishly through.  I prayed for the strength of mind and the ability to see His unconditional love for me once again.  As I went forward throughout the next few days, I saw His main instrument of unconditional love to me…my sweet husband.  He has loved me so very unconditionally…I cannot even express or keep track of all the ways he has done this for me…not just through the past 2 weeks of more intense pain and limited mobility, but the past 9 months of a difficult pregnancy…and really, as I began to reflect, over our entire marriage.  THIS was the attribute of Brian I first fell in love with (ok, except his cute sense of humor and laugh…and how entertaining he is 🙂 ).  As we came to know and love each other, I remember thinking, he really loves me.  Through thick and thin, sickness and health, changing hair color (the first few years 🙂 ), fluctuating weight, 3 1/2 years of separation, 2 deployments, 8-10 moves in 8 years of engagement/marriage, a preemie, a colicky baby (for a whole year), very energetic kids, and a challenging pregnancy…this man REALLY loves me!  I’ve never felt his love dependent on anything I do or don’t do.  He rarely, if ever has a critical word for me.  He is so gentle, merciful, loving and compassionate.

So many times I have had Soldiers, peers, and superiors come up to me to tell me the deepest respect they have for my husband.  So often I’ve been told they would go to battle with him any day.  His greatest desire and goal in the Army, he sweetly shared with me a few nights ago, as we contemplated hearing the news of where we are to serve next, is to serve the Lord in humble, servant leadership, wherever God leads.  Here at Fort Leavenworth, he has been selected to compete for the top honor graduate award…he quietly declined though, to spend more time with us.  He was selected to introduce a VIP speaker, and encouraged by his instructors here and his superiors at FT Irwin to compete for SAMS.  He is completing ILE and his masters and taking care of me and the kids so sweetly all at once, not to mention preparing for another little blessing to come here shortly.  He stays up late each night studying to minimize the impact of his course load on our family.  He is present with us, focused, teaching, and leading our little flock.

I hereby award him husband of the year award!!!  A bit early for his upcoming birthday in June 🙂

I love you Brian.  You are the fullest example I’ve ever seen of the Lord’s call to be a husband, father, and great leader in the Army.  I know you do it by His GRACE, STRENGTH, WISDOM, GUIDANCE, and LOVE each and every day.

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