10 Years….Our Journey in the Army

Tomorrow Marks 10 YEARS for Brian and our family in the Army!!!

As Brian and I reach the halfway point in the Army, so many memories of our journey together, and my journey as a child in the military are flowing through my head…so many exciting stories, and also memories of the struggle and heartaches as well.

I wrote a bit more on the calling page of our blog about the Lord’s journey for us in the Army…and the heart He’s given Brian for it.  I love the heart Brian has for the Army 🙂  He’s been steadfast, determined, committed, and loyal to the Army, despite hopes and dreams being buried early on.  He’s been dedicated to serving and leading Soldiers and protecting His country.  The Lord has given him such a driven heart for his country and a heart willing to sacrifice much.  I am in awe of His passion and dedication to serve His God and Country 🙂

I love the heart He’s developing in me as an Army wife…the vision He’s giving me…the plan He’s revealing to me about my place in it all…how He’s going to use my gifts and Brian’s gifts, and the gifts of our children, to glorify Him in this calling He has for us.  It’s exciting to think about.

The Army is an exciting life.  It holds much adventure, fulfillment in serving, wonder, many twists and turns, struggle, and some heartache….

Here’s a little bit of my story growing up as an Army child, in the Army, and as an Army wife—an exciting story of adventure–

My family made many moves growing up…in the teens or twenties…we moved about every year and a half …our lives were exciting…traveling all around the world…to Wales, Germany, Norway, South Africa…and my parents continued on to South America and Kuwait after I left home.  There were countless moves stateside…in Kansas, at one location, when a high category tornado came and leveled much of our base, I think we moved schools several times just in that year alone…and when our original school was ready at last to attend again, we moved to another location.  My life growing up was full of many changes, a lot of new experiences, and so many memories made beautifully together as a family.  We loved exploring this world together 🙂  I loved galavanting around the world with my favorite buddy–my brother–who is still traveling all around the world with his own family.  And now I love doing this with my own family too.  From my time in the Army and as an Army wife, we’ve moved at least 8 times in the past 10 years.  Brian and I were so blessed to meet and start this adventure together as young lieutenants 🙂

I come from a long line of brave men–warriors–dedicated to serving their country–we’ve traced this lineage of service even back to the Revolutionary War. I have several cousins and uncles who have served as well, and a brother who is serving now.  The Lord has continued this passion for service, duty, honor, and country through many generations in my family heritage and in my immediate family as well.

I am so very proud of my lineage and of my husband, who has persevered through the past 10 years of service, all of it served during a time of war for our country.

I cannot fathom what the next 10 years will bring….the past 10 have been hard to comprehend!  I truly hope it is a time of much PEACE for our country and family.  I pray we might fulfill God’s plan for us in the Army right now, and Lord willing, be able to serve in the mission field outside of the Army in the future.  We are excited about His plan for our family, and anticipate hearing anytime where we will be 6 months from now 🙂

One thought on “10 Years….Our Journey in the Army

  1. What an adventurous ten years it has been… We have been so many places together and I wait in anticipation for what will come next. God is working out something wonderful in and through our family and I am so blessed to discover what it will ultimately look like with my soulmate and best friend. I love you and would not want to soldier on without my constant companion. Here’s to our
    next adventure!

    Your lover and best friend,

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