The Yankee Doodle Family!

Yankee Doodle went to town a riding on a pony“…have you heard the rest of this little song?  We have a little book about it and it is SO cute!  I read it to Hannah today and had to giggle.

They are an adventuresome bunch…the yankee doodle clan.  Yankee Doodle is very dandy and the leader of an adventurous clan, the girl chuckles at his name, hops right on the pony with Yankee Doodle and loves candy 🙂 , the poodle is the girl’s cuddly companion and LOVES macaroni….the rooster sings cockadoodle and lands on the poodle when hopping on the pony….the toad is very hungry…  They open up a macaroni and cheese restaurant and the girl makes a lovely apple strudel.

This is quite reflective of our family right now….Hannah is definitely the poodle…Lewis is the rooster AND the toad…Brian might argue that he’s the pony instead of Yankee Doodle 🙂

Yesterday, we had some exciting news and celebrated with a BIG bowl of broccoli and macaroni and cheese, with chicken and rice–and I made my own version of apple strudel–a strawberry and cream cheese crepe.

Yankee Doodle, keep it up and with this girl be handy 🙂

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