Summer Changes and Goodbyes….

There is so much change going on right now around us…so many moving vans, graduation ceremonies, saying goodbye to sweet friends…and waiting for baby to come.  The world does feel like it is spinning….and I am just waiting amidst it all, wondering what this little face will look like, what she will be like, what our life will be like…

Saying Goodbye to Precious friends....Abby and Ellie Irving
Saying Goodbye to Precious friends….Abby and Ellie Irving

DSC04767 DSC04768 DSC04769 DSC04770

These precious friends have been so dear to us.  Jeff and Monica Irving have a huge heart for adoption.  They have these two lovely little girls and are adding two more boys in the next few months, after they arrive to their new assignment.  Hannah and Ellie are the same age and have bonded from the very first day they met.  They have loved each other with a sweet precious love…they wave to each other until they cannot see one another any more…they long to play together and ask about each other first thing in the morning.  Hannah asks me if each of her clothes and bows are from Ellie 🙂  Boy, will we miss these friends…

I don’t like goodbyes…whether I’ve known someone for a short or long time…the people the Lord brings into my life are always so precious to me…but I know, I will see them again one day 🙂

Best wishes to the Irvings and our lovely neighbors, The Hookers, who left this morning, in your journey to Texas!!!

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