~The Expert Builder~

Several things have been a bit heavy on my heart the past few days…

Yesterday, though, in our sermon at church, I felt the Lord speaking to us that He is building a very strong foundation in our family right now…kind of like a home is built.  This work cannot be rushed…or else the home may come crashing down when storms come or time takes its toll.  There was much comfort in hearing that.  The EXPERT BUILDER is building a STRONG foundation…for a BEAUTIFUL family.  I know He does all the work…He enables all.  He covers our sin with His blood as we grow closer to Him through FAITH….by faith and faith alone.  There is so much relief in that.  His loving sacrifice conquered all of it…and we are FREE to sin no more…to not walk in circles anymore like the quail who were released in the pastor’s sermon.  I am so thankful for an incredible pastor, who, each week gives a sermon that speaks so wonderfully into our hearts.  What a GIFT.

Other precious gifts I am so thankful for~

*The opportunity to hold a 2 week old baby who my friend was watching for respite care for a foster family.  This little boy was so perfect and sweet…and I was able to get him to SLEEP!  Yeah!

-With this gift, came the sweet assurance that I CAN get a baby to sleep again!  I also read part of “baby wise”…which I had never read before, and was delighted to see, as I was reading it, that we hadn’t departed too much from their concept of PDF.  Every baby and circumstance is so different and I have sensed the Lord lead me with each child…but Hannah was still hard for me despite all my efforts.  The Lord has given her the gift of good sleep now as we have persevered with this battle….and we are so thankful.  I enjoyed talking with Brian about what we liked doing with our other two little babies and what we might do differently with the third.  We both agreed that with each baby, God’s plan might be different and a re-evaluation can be helpful.  With Emma, we are hoping to focus on joyfully bringing her into our existing family structure to be a wonderful addition to the Tinklepaugh Flock 🙂

-As I held this baby, I had a chance to fully take in the reality that a new precious life is going to be in my arms really soon…!  How precious this was….I felt as though the Lord was putting His last touches of preparation in our hearts and home before Emma arrives, like the last strokes to a masterpiece.

*I am so thankful for GOOD HEALTH!!!  The contractions have dissipated the past few days and I am able to REALLY enjoy these last few days/weeks before Emma gets here…this is the best I’ve felt the whole pregnancy and I am so thankful for this beautiful gift–to savor, treasure, and adore this beautiful little girl inside me during these last moments.  One of the doctors I get to see now, whose little girl happens to be named Emma too, reminded me of this today…”don’t be in a rush, savor this.”

*My kids’ hearts–they are so tender, sweet, and loving…full of praises and thanksgiving and prayers…this fills me up like nothing else…to see HIM in them.

*The past few days at the pool…such a place of serenity for me…the pool here is such a delight–with a splash area, baby pool, and big pool…it brings back sweet memories for me as an 11 year old here.  I spent much of my summer at this same pool.

*The opportunity to stay here for 18 more months!…the stability that will bring our family and the chance to witness the special plan the Lord has for Brian and a number of other believers we know in attending an additional school here with a special focus.

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