Out of the Overflow…Jehovah Jireh

Jehovah Jireh–He Provides so Wonderfully!!!

Here are a few of the many ways God provided for our family!  I love to journal these so I can remember all the ways that God has loved and provided for us…to encourage me during the difficult times that may follow….

God provided 3 weeks of meals for our family!!!…with many unexpected meals and from many people who we’ve just come to know….truly from the hand of God to our family 🙂  We LOVE these sweet messengers and servants of God’s love and provision to us.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

Brian’s parents came to visit!….I cannot express the impact of their love and support to us during this time.  They filled the kids up with love, went on many fun adventures with them, taught them lots of new things, and loved and helped us so much.  There was a huge void when they left and as we sat at the table that night, Hannah expressed our unspoken sentiment beautifully–“I miss…I miss…I…I…I miss…(we all look away as to not put pressure on her to finish her sentence)…grandma and grandpa!”  We shed a few tears and ate strawberry shortcake, with yummy squirts of whip cream from daddy directly in our mouths 🙂  …And then a celebration of switching rooms for the kids (now that we are staying another year, we need a room for Emma!) –Lewis was so excited to move into the room grandpa and grandma stayed in that very night 🙂  It helped distract us from our sadness…and was a fun way to end the night…bouncing on the bed and enjoying a new room 🙂

Brian had off for over two weeks from school, with Emma being born over the July 4th weekend, with paternity leave, and his furlough day off at work…an incredible provision…..

An incredible, beautiful, sweet, peaceful baby.  Emma Faith, “The Mind of Christ, (1 Corinthians 2)” is amazing to us.  We love our newborn cuddles and reveling in the amazing creative mind of God.  Her tiny everything will grow into a big person someday and we are amazed at all of this!  She was brought into a peaceful home, and brought much more peace into our hearts upon arrival.  She reminded me of God’s faithfulness in so many big and little ways.  They cannot be recounted….they are too many.  I am in awe of God and LONGING to trust Him more and more.  I long to have that strength of mind to love, trust and serve Him more…Emma shall aways be a reminder to me of God’s beckoning to me to have a strong mind for Him.

As people brought and sent sweet cards, gifts and meals to celebrate Emma’s birth with us, as our visitors came and celebrated with us, as I held this precious little baby girl in my arms, as our kids welcomed so sweetly and lovingly their newest sibling–I deeply treasured this sweet, sweet outpouring of love and gifts….God REMINDED ME, though, with a slight caution as I was wrapped in gifts He gave me—LOVE ME MORE…He said…LOVE ME MORE THAN THESE….THE GIVER OF THE GIFTS…YOUR FIRST TRUE LOVE.

As life gets back to normal now, and I have to make this transition to being a mommy of 3, I shall remember and love my first true love—Yahweh.

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