*My Main Goal*

As my house has been cluttered the past few days and my heart is torn between little and big hearts in my home that need me…I can see that there is no way I can be everything to all these hearts…and God doesn’t want me to be…where shall my priority be then?  What do I do with these little hearts that need me?  What do I do with MY heart that feels all a dither when my sweet newborn is crying while my little 3 is crying and my big 4 seems a bit lonely?  Not to mention my sweet husband who needs me too.  I am praying God’s grace and love over our family right now….and the Lord showed me MY MAIN GOAL:  “to stay in continual communication with Him.”  Wow, that’s it?  Yes.  This is what my heart is fixed upon.  Just keep talking to Jesus and He will walk me through my days and pour His love out over our family.  I cannot be everything to them.  I wasn’t meant to be.

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