Rebuilding Walls…..

As I made my first meal yesterday in 4 weeks, I really couldn’t believe God’s overwhelming provision to us…the meals lasted a whole month.  I feel ready now to return to being a mommy and homemaker…just as the last meals are eaten.  Doesn’t God know our needs so perfectly?  His timing is beautiful.  Just a few days ago, little Emma decided to regress in sleep and cry for several days and nights…I felt like I had PTSD from Hannah….and prayed fervently for my peaceful baby to return.  She has returned, but still isn’t sleeping as well as she was at night.  I know sleep will come soon.  I am thankful my body has adjusted to less sleep now and that my head doesn’t hurt so much.

As Emma’s cries riveted the once peaceful home, I felt my stress level reach its peak.  Hannah had loose poo poo and was going constantly, Lew was struggling, Emma was screaming, and my head hurt from lack of sleep.  The Lord told me, “Be devoted in prayer, be watchful and thankful.”  He warned us it was an attack in several ways and that we needed to be prayer warriors and on alert.  We did our best, but the enemies darts did some damage.  As the walls came tumbling down, God showed us how to rebuild them—as Nehemiah went to rebuild the walls of his home, and Josiah read the scroll that was rediscovered with the Word of God engraved, the Lord showed us–knock down the idols in your hearts and read the Word continuously.  I realized it had been a few days since I had read the Word…and when I don’t read, I struggle.  Lewis and I talked about idols, both kids asked me yesterday to read the Word to them at separate times…and I tried to read the Word the past few days, even if I was falling asleep doing it.  I realized that even if I am not excited to do it, even if I don’t understand what I am reading, just reading the Word and being obedient makes a difference in my heart.  God’s Word is perfect.  It penetrates the heart and marrow.  It convicts.  This was powerful to me, because I crave understanding, but I realized, His Word doesn’t need my understanding, it just needs to be read.  God will help it make sense in due time.

God is giving us stronger minds and hearts for Him.  As Lewis finished up VBS this year (it was SO exciting seeing him do his first VBS as a big kid!!!), I noticed the theme said, “Kingdom Rock–Where Kids Stand Strong for God.”  I love how God ties events in our lives, with verses, to construct themes He’s working in our hearts… He brings the puzzle pieces together to form a big picture in our mind of what He wants us to focus on…

STAND STRONG FOR GOD.  Knock down those idols.  Read His Word.  Know the LIFE and POWER of His Resurrection.  God is the eternal Rock.  Stand Strong on this Rock.

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