Fisher of Men.

My Fisher of Men
My Fisher of Men

My not-so-little boy is giving me lots of sweet moments to share in praising God and learning about Him together….and moments of just pure awe at the boy God is growing him into.  This has been my prayer lately…that we, as a family, would begin to read, worship, serve and pray together as a unit…a team.  It is so hard because they are so little still…and family devotion times have usually been a disaster for us…but the longing is SO strong in my heart to keep persevering with this…even if it goes awry.  God is pressing this deeply in my heart…to read and pray, no matter how I feel…or how little sleep I got the night before…and to begin to come together as a family to study His word and learn together.

The other night, as Emma had cried continually for over 24 hours…I passed by Lewis’ room as he was quietly playing with his toys for some time :-), and he was singing “No more crying there, we are going to see the King.”  I was so encouraged by this.  He has nicknamed his little baby sister “crier” for now….

He’s learning to stand strong for God—when Emma is crying, when Hannah is provoking or leading him to do the wrong thing…he is beginning to stand strong.  Just yesterday, a teacher of his Stretch and Grow class told me that when the other kids are not listening in class, Lewis would continue to listen and not be drawn into doing the wrong thing!

The other day we had a precious, sweet moment of discipleship in a hard day …he was playing with his blocks and legos, his favorite toys to play with, and he had a little lego fishing pole and was fishing the lego fish with it.  Then he said, “I want to fish for the lego man too.”  And he began hooking the lego man up to the fishing pole…I was so excited for the moment the Lord provided for me to teach that day and told him how the Lord’s disciples were fisherman and Jesus called them to follow him…and they left everything and followed at once.  And how the Lord taught them to be fishers of men.  Lewis loved learning about this story and said, “Mommy, that is what I want to be when I grow up…a fisher of men.”

I had another incredible moment two weeks ago on another really hard day for me…a morning at a friend’s house, where the Lord was asking me to serve Him in a particular way…I had a hard time envisioning myself as capable of serving that day…but the Lord beckoned me on and I chose to believe He could enable me to serve…it turns out it was a small and feasible way to serve…in making meals as I am able for new mommies…and in the meantime, the Lord overwhelmingly blessed my little step of obedience.  It was an incredible day with a friend, a fun time for our kids, and I even was able to take all 3 kids to the pool, as well as an older child who wanted to stay a little longer with me while her mom got her littles back to home.  He showed me that with my little steps of obedience, He would do AWESOME things!  And during the inreach meeting, my friend mentioned Lewis’ name, and two ladies beamed and cried out to me, “You are Lewis’ mom!  Wow, we’ve been wanting to meet you!  He is such an incredible kid!”  It was really too sweet of a day for me…you know…those days when the Lord just lavishes His praise on you with your little steps of obedience?  It was too sweet.  And a very memorable day for me.

I’m so very proud of you Lewis!!!  You ARE an incredible kid!!!

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