Transition to 3….

There are so many things I am learning right now…about myself and God’s will for me…I want to capture them here, so I can look back and remember and move forward with the Lord…

The kids have gone through so many transitions lately…new teachers for both of them at school, despite our best efforts to keep stability in their lives, it seems that transitions and the stress of Emma’s cries are meant for our family to grow stronger through.  I think perhaps the transitions are harder for me than them though!  They are doing better and better with them.

I am learning to surrender lots of things right now.  There are so many things I want to be a part of–service opportunities, teaching, sports and activities for the kids, etc…but the Lord has cautioned me in all of them.  It is so humbling, because I wonder why He is saying no…but, my mind instead has resolved to turn to His infinite wisdom and trust deeply in it.  I am letting Him lead me in everything right now, which is a beautiful thing He has done in my heart…He is leading me in friendships, in service, in everything.  I am so thankful for that because when He leads and I follow, everything is made so beautiful…the moments He gives me each day become so intimate and meaningful…in my life and the lives of people He brings into my life.  And He is showing me just how meaningful they are.  This is far worth anything I could plan for our  days and lives!!!

I am learning to speak His words….this one is so very hard for me right now.  As I grow in my understanding of Him, I want to share…but I am cautioned so many times…He is calling me to speak His Message…His Word…as I was thinking about this the other day….I wondered if my words were wrong, but He reassured me…”they are not necessarily wrong, but just not life changing as my words are (and sometimes, they are only meant for you).  Which would you prefer…to speak your words and have a little good come from them…and possibly risk misunderstanding or damage…or to speak mine and have them change lives and heal hearts.”  Wow.  This was profound and a very compelling argument for me to really speak only His words as Christ did.  It requires a really gentle and quiet spirit…and to be very attuned with Scripture and the Spirit.

He is beckoning me to let go of the guilt…to be bold in using His ways…and to let go of the guilt.

He is leading us to connect to the community through Sunday School, church, PWOC, AWANAS, bible study, and every day relationships…there are so many ways to connect here, and we sense this as something God really wants us to focus on doing here.  Each place we go, God has had us connect in different ways…here it is in so many different ways.  We are praying for vision and understanding in each of these relationships that we might learn, bless, love and connect.

And lastly, He is powerfully moving us to continually invite His Spirit in our home…to not assume He is there, but to continually tell Him that He is welcome in our home…in our hearts…to live by the Spirit…In Him we Live and Move and Have Our Being….

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