A day of Discipleship…for me and the whole family!

Today was hard.  I have gotten sick too…and am weary of sickness, accidents, and struggle with sin….but today was a day of discipleship…to press through the hard, to be obedient, to OVERCOME….although it is going to take time to see the fruit.

I began a PACT…with a friend…to trust God in a particular area in my heart, which she is also seeking to trust Him with.

I feel God propelling me forward and opening doors…showing me what is to come….in service…a service that really intimidates me…and plans He has….BIG PLANS….confirmation of our calling…and plans He has for so many people….and at the same time, I feel as though I am struggling with much…totally inadequate of my calling, totally inadequate of this service.  But, I think I am becoming ok with it…and so thankful for who God is and that HE IS ABLE.

As my mentor reminded me…He chooses, it doesn’t matter about desire, skill, anything….HE CHOOSES.  It seems as though He has chosen me for this service.  I pray I can be a VESSEL and step out of the way…to let Him lead….to let Him work so powerfully in so many lives.

I am so thankful for so many sweet things, my grandma, and the sweet gift of hospitality…and just pure sweetness…that I see in my little Hannah…and for the beautiful seeds my grandma planted in me…inexpressible thanks….and for a baby that has slept for 9 hours two nights in a row!!!

I am lamenting summer leaving…but excited for fall to arrive.  Off to beautiful weather, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and lovely tastes, smells and sights.  It seems this fall is bringing change for us.

I am reminded of my struggle growing up…in obedience…and humbled by it when I see any of my kids struggle….I pray the reminder leads me to compassion…and trust…He has done so much in me…He will do it in them too.


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