Fall adventures of Lewis and Hannah Cottontail!

Walking "The Path"
Walking “The Path”
Basking in God's glorious creation...
Basking in God’s glorious creation…
Apple Picking Time!!!  Right Across the Street!!!
Apple Picking Time!!! Right Across the Street!!!

I am loving entering fall this year…it is bringing much change already…exciting change.

We’ve all been sick the past two weeks, but are all coming out of it now!  🙂  Sweet Lewis had strep and a small fracture in his wrist from falling from the monkey bars (mommy and daddy had a little miscommunication… 😦 ), and the rest of us were sick with different things, but daddy was healthy and carried us through once again.

We enjoyed getting ready for fall–a sweet day of decorating with my littles…boy was it fun doing that together!…it brought back memories of my mom’s LOVE of decorating and love of holidays and celebrations.  We made cranberry muffins, decorated the house, went apple picking RIGHT across the street from our house (more on that later!), and made an apple pie with all those apples with Lewis, which he couldn’t wait to make!  Brian and Hannah went to the pumpkin patch and brought back the most beautiful pumpkins and more yummy apples. I do LOVE fall.

We went to the zoo and experienced a surprise parrot attack!!! and just soaked up God’s incredible creation together.  I love spending that time with my Lewis, my little joy child.  I LOVE the gift and joy of teaching him and telling him all about the Lord, the Lover of his soul, and His beautiful creation.  He LOVES to learn from me…it is such a sweet, sweet gift to be able to be this little boy’s teacher…to lead him through life…well, at least the first 18 years…he has so many questions, so many dreams, so many desires…and I know that God is BIG enough to teach him and be everything to him…and will show me my part in all of it…moment by moment 🙂

On nights when Brian is at class, God provides in so many real and tangible ways–sometimes with a red helium balloon that goes up and down until it runs out of air…entertaining Lewis for long enough for me to feed Emma :-), or an awesome rain storm, delighting my little children’s hearts, as they climb into our “garden room,” onto the window sills to watch the incredible display of God’s glory and power, or a sweet neighbor who brought by tons of books for our children to read one night…or one that really topped them all–Christ’s romantic apple picking date, waiting for us one evening, with an unexpected empty picnic basket just sitting on a bench right across from our front yard (for two days in a row)….right in front of two apple trees, just ripe for picking!  And behind them, a very old church that mysteriously burnt down in the 1980s…so much history…so many questions running through my mind…about the church…and the apple trees…  We had a delightful time filling up the basket full of apples and making our yummy apple pie together and galavanting to the mailbox singing, “Follow the RED brick Road.” 🙂

The kids and I have been heavy into God’s Word lately–learning about why the Lord’s servant must not quarrel and the lengths we must go to obey in this, being still (in which, Lewis usually responds with, “Shh, mommy, God is talking to me!”), staying on THE PATH–why our hearts can only handle the path that God has given us–the safety, security and blessings that come from that, and the Lord disciplining those He loves.  I am learning so much…mostly about the depths of God’s grace and how to teach these littles the deep riches of God’s Truth.

In my marriage (and parenting) I am learning that my life is not my own…

I am EXCITED about the service God is calling me to….all that God is going to do…ready for Him to lead me, ready to become less that He may become more, humbled and burdened by all that will be brought to me, and really excited to see God grow people in faith, hope, love, and trust…and to see His glorious power displayed.

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