Baptized into a new name.

Baptized into His Family
Baptized into His Family

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You have a new name Jacob.  You are no longer the deceiver….you have wrestled with God.  God always wins.  You are now to be called ISRAEL.  You have a new name Jacob.  It is Christian.

Our little Emma was baptized on the 20th of October….she was baptized into her faith…with a Christian name…she belongs to Jesus.  He has named her Emma Faith Tinklepaugh.

I remember the day I stepped into my new name….Tinklepaugh.  I remember thinking, what is this new name going to mean for me?  What is this new family going to be like?  Who is this marriage going to transform me into?  It was too much for my mind to grapple.  I had only just received Christ in my heart 2 years prior to meeting my husband.

This poignant sermon during Emma’s baptism made me feel the same way.  It was so rich and too much for my mind to fathom.  I feel like God is always calling us out of our old ways into His ways…new ways for us….all the while reminding us of our new name.  Christian.  Leave your old ways at the door and step inside into my beautiful sanctuary He says.  I feel as though Jesus apportioned our family abundant grace…so much more than we deserve…but isn’t that just what grace is all about?

Emma has brought much peace, love and joy into our lives.  More than anything, PEACE.  I look into her eyes and I see peace.  She calms my heart amidst all the hubub of my days with three littles now.  I love my little peaceful baby.  I love what she brings to our family.

You belong to sweet Jesus dear Emma.  We love you.


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