Experiencing Autumn in Kansas

Experiencing Autumn in Kansas
Experiencing Autumn in Kansas

IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0523

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to live in that house beneath those trees???  I love experiencing Autumn here in Kansas.  It is everything I remembered it being and SO MUCH MORE.  The pumpkin patches, the hayrides, the delicious apples, the corn and hay mazes, the wagon rides, the pony rides, the farm animals, the BEAUTIFUL TREES and fields of wheat.  It is TRULY beautiful here.  I had missed all of this so dearly in the Death Valley Desert.  The trees captivate me.  Their colors lie dormant all year, waiting to burst into a glorious display of rich colors before our eyes….As the leaves die, their colors spring to life…simply breathtaking beauty.

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