New Atmosphere…sweet mentor

My mentor
My mentor

This is my precious mentor, Julie McCammon.  I love her so dearly.  She was the first one to speak life into my weary soul upon arrival to Kansas after a long PCS transition….and two really energetic tots!  She spoke some of the sweetest words to me…CHRIST IN ME.  These words began to transform so much in me…I am so thankful.  And later, she and my paths crossed often.  She decided to bestow a wonderful gift to me and became my mentor.  She is a faithful mentor and so full of wisdom.  One of the first things I noticed about her was PEACE.  She would often see me in times of chaos…and bestow her peace upon me.  She is a peaceful woman.  And here is a picture of her holding my peaceful baby.

I learned something about atmosphere in a sermon reading and through sweet friends recently.  As I was meditating on it…I felt the Lord impress upon me a distinct change in my heart.  I was entering a new atmosphere…one of peace.  The Lord is calling me into His peace….and not just for a moment…but a season of peace.  A peaceful baby.  A peaceful husband.  A peaceful mentor.  3 littles actually is helping me release much into the hands of the Father.  I am ready to let go of more and trust Him with it.

In California, I experienced the loss of a deeply cherished mentor.  Here, in Kansas, I have gained a new one.

One thought on “New Atmosphere…sweet mentor

  1. I love this blog, how did you find a mentor? My daughter-in-law in Okinawa is always moaning about our son, no relationship, so lonesome, no one cares.

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