Happy New Year 2014!!!

I love New Year’s resolutions…really, I do…I know I have no power to carry through my own resolutions, but I know God does…and this year I sensed Him speaking one in particular to me.  I like that God is a planner…He makes a plan and then brings it to fruition.  He is so faithful…and so merciful to do His work in me.  I like to set goals and to receive my “mission”, and making New Year’s resolutions…that are pleasing to Him…and even more, led by Him, are most helpful to me.  I can also assess at the end of each year whether or not I was faithful to God to allow Him to do His work in me…or rather that I believed that He could.

As I look back on the last year, I see the resolutions we made last year that, by God’s grace, have come to pass.  He HAS grown us.  He HAS matured us.  He has helped us to let go of the old and embrace the new.  He HAS rooted us and grounded us in His love.  He has done great things for us, so many I cannot recount them all here.  I love the most that He continues to grow us.  This is what I long for more than anything.  To grow.  To walk more and more in unity with Him…in intimacy with Him…in His light.

Things He has spoken to us as a family recently, I long for the next year, for Him to bring to fruition:

!. To grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. To continue to be rooted and grounded in His love.

3. To walk worthy of the Calling He has given us.

4. To Be the Salt and Light of the World.

Things I long for Him to do in my heart:

1. To be strong emotionally…to be more resilient…to learn to abide…

2. To grow in each of my relationships.

3. To lose the rest of this baby weight 🙂  40 down, 15 to go…

Happy New Year 2014!!!  May the new year FILL you with HOPE and PROMISE in all the great and new things God will do in your hearts and lives this year.

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