Looking back…2013.

God has given me a precious ministry of being an intercessor…a lifelong personal ministry, but also in this season, as a prayer coordinator for PWOC here at Ft. Leavenworth.  I am reflecting now on His answers to prayers in the lives of those for whom I and others have prayed…He has moved mercifully and powerfully…those in italic are a little more specific and personal for us this year:

*UNREACHED: A church built in the outermost reaches of Ethiopia…the previously untouched tribes have been spoken to…have had receptive hearts and BELIEVE. God is doing powerful things in the lives of these people.  Please pray with us for the unreached in Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

*Soddo Christian Hospital–working hard to SAVE livesthere is so much darkness, please pray for those who are working there to battle that darkness with the light, resources, and wisdom of Christ.  Many lives have been miraculously saved.  Others have been lost and are in His arms now.  The missionaries there have left everything to serve Him.  Please pray for these families.

*FEBC–reaching the untouched…through chips…through radios…many have miraculously come to know Christ and be discipled by Him through the radio broadcasts.

*All God’s Children-reaching out to orphans…those who are lost, abandoned, without Hope…in Hannah’s Hope orphanages and other places around the world.  Seeing the pictures of those who have been saved and nourished with the love of Christ is UNFORGETTABLE.

*Samaritan’s Purse–always in the place of disaster…there to help those who are in need.  Many needs have been met, many lives have been saved, many have been touched by the love of Christ.

*OCF–ministering and discipling leaders in the US Army.  Many are growing in loving and serving the Lord and in turn, discipling others to do the same.

*PWOC-ministering and discipling to women on military posts around the world…so many are growing in their relationships and love of the Lord.  This has been so beautiful to personally see and experience myself.  We’ve seen celebrations of new life with babies being born, we’ve seen healing-physical and spiritual, and we’ve seen the lives of several family members who have been lost…but in His arms now-all according to His good will.

*Church–serving the local people–we saw a gentlemen in our church miraculously saved from a re-occurring major heart attack through prayer this year…he had several arteries that were very built up unclogged in a minimalist surgery.

*Those lives we’ve encountered–we prayed for a gentleman in my husband’s school who was dying of brain cancer…the cancer had taken over…and after surgery, the report was very dismal…he was given a few months to live, and perhaps just a few weeks…we were devastated and prayed…a few months later, my husband came to me joyfully to tell me, he was BACK TO WORK with a “little memory loss.”

Praise God for GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!!!!  Let us continue to come boldly, with perseverance, asking in faith.

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