Looking back….beautiful fall!

These pictures remind me of God pressing upon my heart to “stay on the path”….to stay within the limits of each day…to stay within the limits of the moment…oftentimes I find information flooding my mind…my senses absorbing so much around me…it is hard to stay focused on the present moment or to stay focused on what God is asking of me.  I think of “pure joy” (Christ) coming into our world of sorrow and staying focused on His mission…death for His great love for us.

This fall, as I went on walks with Emmy, I saw beauty everywhere…one of the most beautiful falls I have ever seen (besides the ones seen in the Smokey Mountains!)…it was amazing.

Here is “THE PATH,” or rather, my walking path, outside our home, and an old trolley lane from the train station (which is the thrift store now), with the buried line running between the trees.  Isn’t God’s creation SO beautiful??

"The Path"…isn't fall beautiful?
“The Path”…isn’t fall beautiful?


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