God is With Us…Always
God is With Us…Always

God With US.  Immanuel.

~This is what Hannah and I were talking about and singing about…for about 45 minutes…as I coaxed her to sleep for an afternoon nap, which she seems to have dropped….I stepped out for 5 minutes to send an e-mail, and heard riveting screams from her bedroom…she had fallen out of her toddler bed as she had drifted asleep and broke her collar bone.  Brian…who often seems to properly diagnose our children quite quickly….felt the bone and informed me it was broken and whisked her off to the ER.  She was such a champ…Brian said she was so strong, (the doctor said she was braver than many of his adult patients–which is a quality that is most recently blossoming in Hannah)…Brian and Hannah prayed for a lady next door to Hannah’s room in the hospital who was in great pain…and sang O Come o Come Immanuel.

When they returned, Brian told me the news…I was shocked….and my heart ached for her….Hannah was so precious….she so sweetly comforted me.  I prayed for proper healing for a toddler who might fall a lot more.

…She has fallen a bit since from the snow and slippery floors and a big brother who still has a little of his toddler nickname left in him (bulldozer 🙂 ), so we are still praying and trying to keep her safe.  We’ll get her seen this Wednesday to see how things are healing.

God is WITH us, in our pain, in our trials, in LIFE–He never leaves us.

One thought on “Immanuel.

  1. hi sweetie. not to worry, both of my girls had broken collar bones when they were toddlers. kacy fell out of bed and tracy got underfoot of uncle john and he fell against her when she fell!! seems no matter how close you watch them, things just happen! teaches us to rely on God and to put our children in His tender care…after all, they were His first!

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