A Glorious day!!!


“Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.”

-John 1:12

Jan 6th, 2014 will be a day to forever remember!!!  Today, our Hannah has joined us as a CHILD OF GOD!  Angels are rejoicing with us this day!!!  

Hannah has been pondering so much the past few weeks…and it really seems as though spiritual warfare has been waging in her heart.     She was asking so many questions this Christmas and God put it on my heart each time she really struggled to PRAY for her…to be a powerful intercessor.  The Lord showed me just this morning~~there is no power in my words…but in HIS SPIRIT.

This was another unexpected moment of salvation…she’s been asking so many questions, asking to “read” her bible book in her bed almost every day the past two weeks…she literally sleeps with it.  Today, we were at Harbor Lights, a precious coffee house here in Leavenworth, with Christian owners and Christian music playing in the background.  I love the lighthouses in there and was talking to the kids about the lighthouses and how they relate to darkness and light …and how Jesus is the light in our darkness.  The kids kept asking about the “Roman guards” we saw in the “Town of Bethlehem” at the Church of the Open Door a few weeks before….they were actors of course…and they were made to be harsh.  I almost couldn’t find the church that night and Hannah was such a challenge that night…I was praying on the way back for my little girl.  I prayed hard that night for her, and continued to over Christmas.  Christmas Day, Hannah kept asking to see baby Jesus…she wanted to stroke his face, kiss him…..I could see her adoration.  I pondered this moment…and treasured it.  She asked to stop at the manger in the picture above…I stopped, she walked over and loved on Him so sweetly.  I loved her intimate love.

Today at the coffee shop, she and Lewis both said to me “Mommy, does God forgive the Roman guards?”  I told them “yes, I think so. (trying to think through this quite quickly!)”  I said, “God DESIRES to forgive everyone…but we must come to Him.”  We stopped and listened to the song playing in the background which sang, “Everyone can come to the cross.”  Wow.  The timing…. We listened to the song…..Hannah said “Mommy, can Jesus resurrect people from the dead?”  I told her “yes.”  Lewis said, “Hannah, Jesus would have come to die even for just you alone.”  Hannah’s eyes softened and looked as if they were tearing up.  I said, “Hannah, do you believe that?  Do you believe Jesus came for you, to save you from your sins?”  She nodded her head, then quietly said, “yes.”  I was reflecting on the moment and Brian came in from running errands and I looked at him and said, “I think Hannah believes!”  He asked Hannah too…and she said, “yes daddy, I believe.”

Wow.  I don’t think my heart can handle some days…like this one.  I came home and looked at the verse on our table that the kids brought home from church yesterday…it was John 1:12.

I can’t fathom the eternal impact…or the impact on Hannah’s heart this decision made…and I cannot believe it was now…today!  But, this is the day He has chosen for her…and what a glorious day it is.

‘Let the children come to me…do not hinder them!’

And so she has come to Him now.

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