A fall season so amazing and so full…

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Lewis' first photo!!! :)
Lewis’ first photo!!! 🙂

IMG_0654This fall was so precious to me…so full of counsel, change, growth.  I feel God so near to us right now…but often ponder, “why.”  I think it is just who He is.  He is so merciful.  I am so thankful for His presence and everything we are learning about Him.  This assignment has been the “promised land” for us.  I really never want to leave.

Here are some pictures and a bunch of things that God has taught us…in parenting…in marriage…in life.

COUNSEL: In my marriage I have learned to be a reverent wife, to walk by faith in the hard moments, to know that God is enough…and that my husband is a blessing on top of that, to help restore my husband’s leadership (rather than usurp?!)…when he is struggling…I have come to see the enemy attack him..and to see the difference that encouragement, compassion, and restoration of HIS leadership makes in our family.  It is SO worth it.  I see what happens if I see the good in my husband, allow the Holy Spirit to convict…and then watch him grow.  I am delighting in my marriage right now and all that God intended it to be.  Aren’t God’s commands SO good?!!

*In parenting I have learned what happens “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie!”  🙂 God is teaching us how to be the instrument of self-control in our children’s lives the past few months.  I have learned that “I am not bound” to their struggles…that God loves them more than I do…that God is a God of Order..and Unity…He establishes the order and unity…and we must maintain it.

*I have loved my Ephesians Study through PWOC…it is growing me as a member of His body.  I learned to “learn in full submission.”  I learned to submit to God’s design for each relationship in my life.  I learned about God’s desire for His children to be a unifier (maintain His unity).

FREEZING DAYS, HUDDLING NIGHTS:  The kids and I LOVED fall this year.  This Christmas was the most memorable Christmas for our family.  And this winter is turning out to be much more joyful than last winter 🙂  It started out as freezing days in our home as the heater was delayed (we have central heating)…and it got cold early here in Kansas (come to think of it, it was -9 degrees out this morning!)…we all huddled around the house, and I found myself holding the kids and cuddling them until they fell asleep at nights…and then bringing Emmy under the covers later for some baby cuddles…with her toes and fingers curled into my arms and legs…oh, I love these moments…it was so cold though!  We have had colds most of the time this fall and winter…but with some antibiotics, we are all finally kicking these colds.  Just this morning, Emmy showed up with an ear infection, and fortunately we were able to make it to the doctor for some medication..at a well baby appt. no less…  I am thankful for medicine..I am thankful for Jehovah Jireh..who is continually healing us.

CHANGE: I sense God giving me more of a strength of mind…although some days it seems my thoughts still cave…I think there are more days where I turn to Him for strength…and focus on Him alone…and think His thoughts…learning to walk in His light.

GROWTH: I see God growing us.  I see Him changing the way we look at things…and calling us to love Him more and show more grace to each other.

Everyday is so different for me the past few months.  I am learning to surrender…

The kids LOVE Cubbies.  Lewis is growing so much and maturing.  Hannah loves to say her verses.  She is so serious compared to Lewis’ silliness…(it’s really a bit of an adjustment!)!  She loves the games and crafts.  She loves Jesus.

Here are some pictures of our Flock this fall!

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