Beloved Family.

Beloved Family.
Beloved Family.


I am writing this in the eve after our sweet visitors have left…pondering this weekend and all that it has meant to me…really, it has meant so much.  We were weary from our long days before our visitors’ arrival and are feeling refreshed, renewed, and well-loved as they depart.  This weekend was an incredible gift…in so many ways.  These precious faces mean SO much to me.  I feel as though they are an incredible blessing….the love they sweetly pour into our family, the wonderful advice…they actually reluctantly give, but that I crave…, the energy and love they pour into our kids….oh, they love them…ALL of their little personalities 🙂  I am amazed at the depth of their love…  I feel like our relationship has blossomed into something so beautiful and precious to me and all of us.  Lewis came home from dropping grandma and grandpa off at the airport and just ran to me, cuddled and cried.  We cried together and I told him it is ok that it hurts…it hurts me too…the void is so big because their love is so big.  It is hard to return to “normal” life…but we are so thankful for all that God has given us in these two precious people, whom we call:

Grandma and Grandpa.

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