A stilled and quieted soul…

A stilled and quiet soul, like a weaned child with it's mother :)
A stilled and quiet soul, like a weaned child with it’s mother 🙂

I love the picture this verse in Psalms (quite possibly my favorite book in the Bible!!) displays….this verse is so meaningful to me as a mommy of a baby.  This is a picture of TRUST…of a soul that is not anxious or upset, not chattering before the Lord…but is STILL and QUIET in His arms.  This, by God’s grace, describes my sentiment right now.  I think normally my instinct is to chatter…to pour out my requests…but God is teaching me to be still and quiet…over time.  To trust.  To surrender.  To really trust His heart.  His beautiful heart.

When I am holding Emma, my almost 9 month old and quieting her down to sleep, there is such peace and serenity in her face and body, as she falls limp…off into dreamland…such trust for nourishment…for life.  This is the gift God is giving my heart right now…the picture of Emma still and quieted…to show me how He desires ME to be with HIM.  Hannah, my toddler, the more fitting one for this metaphor, is way too busy for me to catch for a photo right now!  🙂

When difficulties come, when the heart longs for comfort, HE IS THERE, quieting me, stilling me with His loving, strong arms, asking me to TRUST in WHO He is.  Like a weaned child, I come….I come to Him time after time again.  He always has open arms.  He has our names engraved on His palms…He gives us birth, He comforts, sustains, rescues, protects, and nourishes us.  He is “Abba”…Father.  He is a father and mother…even more.  We just can’t fathom all that He is.


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