My dearest Love:

Here is your serenade I promised…along with your virtual gifts this week 🙂  (…a very FULL week!!)

I really AM going to get you your beloved bull dog one of these days…and you might just find Lewis’ camper, and jewels, and Hannah’s seesaw, and bag of marbles waiting for you one day soon 😉


He says he’s fully into his 30’s now…All I see is a 23 year old…that sweet, loving, gentle face I remember meeting at an OCF bible study 10 years ago.  I remember his contagious laugh and his impeccable humor…how he always knew how to make me laugh 🙂  He still does….

You are so FUN…so loving, so forgiving, so gentle and SWEET.  Your peace CALMS me.  Your SONGS entertain and always make me chuckle.  I am amazed at how God is working in your life…in awe of the qualities that are blossoming forth upon what is already so beautiful to me…


* A JOY in fearing God

You ARE:

* Passionate about your children’s hearts…and mine too 🙂

You DO:

* Serve us wholeheartedly…day in and day out…you are always giving.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE…Number 33. I’m celebrating YOU!!!

Your lover and best friend,


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