Hidden Treasures…

My kids LOVE to look for hidden treasures…I love to watch them.  The sweet treasures that light up their eyes the most right now are sea shells, rollie pollies, flowers, feathers…I love it and am holding on to these sweet memories right now.  After they find them…their little feet run to me….they can’t wait to come show me their wonderful treasure.

I am also walking through each day right now awakening to look for the hidden treasure that the Lord has sweetly awaiting for me and the kids.  It is a wonderful way He has shown me to go through my days.  I LOVE living my days like this.  The hidden treasures for me right now are the most beautiful memories from our vacation coming forth in my mind, a Mexican sunflower my husband planted for me opening up with two buds that have a radiant bright red color bursting forth with life, an unexpected playdate with a friend for Lewis and Hannah…Emma learning new skills…her penetrating beautiful blue-eyed gaze…her sweetest smile that melts my heart…Hannah learning new skills and being SO brave, Lewis helping me, loving me in his special, tender way, other sweet people in the community loving on my kids, a walk with a precious friend…

We are SO blessed to have had the past TWO weeks of vacation with Brian’s parents at Bethany Beach…we loved being with them…It was a place of REST for us…We LOVED making sweet memories with grandma and grandpa and uncles and aunts and great Mom Mom’s!  The kids had so much fun at the beach, decorating their uncle and daddy’s birthday cakes, playing with the fun toys from aunts and uncles, going on fun trips to different lakes and the Zoo, and having a sweet playdate and sleep over with auntie and her sidekick 🙂  …Lewis’ sleep over dream came true!!  It was SO sweet and SO precious to be with family.

As we headed back, we honestly felt a bit preoccupied and a bit overwhelmed…thinking about what was awaiting us upon our return…

Our trip to and from VA was the smoothest I’ve ever had…and with three children under 5!  We felt the Lord going before us and behind us…like never before….it was incredible.  I couldn’t believe we had just traveled “in a blink of an eye” to and from VA!!

It was wonderful to come back to a CLEAN home 🙂  And upon my return, the Lord reminded me, HE IS MY ROCK.

This week back has been FULL and as Brian is hunkering down to write his monograph, I’ve been troubleshooting my days—finding things around the house after traveling, discovering a lost wallet, and finding major repairs needed in our home.  We found leakage under our sink with mold that had covered the whole bottom…..our kitchen ceiling has water damage, which has spread terribly since it first started in April …and looks like it could quite possibly fall down on my head while I am cooking!…and quite a few other things in our home that have needed continual repair.  It is a beautiful old home…we have loved it here for so many reasons…but today we found out that we are going to MOVE into a newly built home.  The gentleman that came over from the housing office to look at the damage said he knew he was going to have us move even before he came over to look at it.

I SEE God’s provision in providing us a new home…cleaner air (we seem to get sick so often here, whether through pollen allergies or possibly mold), a fenced in yard…safe, less maintenance…and more He is showing me.

We have felt God powerfully SUSTAINING us this past week through the adjustment without Brian’s beloved parents, who were SO helpful, and through the adjustment in allergies….today, as I started to wonder HOW God is going to get us through another move…and so quickly…He provided a PWOC retreat for me to attend and rest a bit, two friends who offered to watch our kids when we move, and another friend who offered their trailer to help us move, as well as a helpful housing office.

These hidden treasures are beckoning me forth through uncertainty and surprises…I LOVE how God walks with me through each day.  His ways are truly so meaningful and beautiful.  I FEEL His Sustenance…I SEE His provision…I set my feet upon my ROCK.

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