Light of Glory…

Today was one of the most precious days of my life, truly…it was intertwined with God’s hand so beautifully, so intricately…in so many ways…looking back, I can scarcely believe.  THIS is how I love to live my days…walking beside HIM…in the light of His Glory.

It started with the girls and I doing our morning routine…which involves a lot of playing amidst morning tasks…really it took awhile just to get some clothes on!  As I readied the home for a mid-morning departure…I looked down at my girls cuddling…still no clothes 🙂 , I couldn’t help but cuddle with them…I reached over to read a quote from “in-courage,” a gift from a dear friend, as I held them close, stroking my hand over their soft, beautiful skin….and it said THIS:


“So when the light of glory comes, even when it shimmers in the feel of baby skin, in the gift of a few warm days amid the coldest winter, let the mind take in the scene. Let gratitude mark the colors and shapes.  Practice seeing God Invisible. -Amber Haines, The Run A Muck.


An ironic side note: We said goodbye to Brian’s parents this past Monday as they came to celebrate Lewis’ 6th birthday with us this past weekend…it was incredibly warm weather for late October!!  Such, warm, precious memories too…the kids were so FULL…such a precious gift…we’re looking forward to having them back in just 8 weeks.


Shimmering Hope~

We headed off to the PX to get a few odds and ends…as we parked at the PX, I realized, I left my phone with my list behind.  Even in my forgetfulness, God had a surprise waiting at home for me…Brian…back from his appointment to get his wrap removed…no cast, no wrap, and a little more movement in his fingers and wrist…a big smile on his face after wearing a cast the past few months!  He can begin the healing process now and start physical therapy.

After grabbing our items, we headed home for lunch and I reflected….

*On Hannah’s heart to obey…I really cannot believe how much God is growing her.  The 3s were so hard…yet the 4s are bringing about shoots of obedience all over this little apple blossom.  She really is quite an amazing 4 year old.  She grasps so much for her age.

*On Emma’s patient heart…it melts mine and brings me much joy.  Her ability to learn from her siblings never ceases to amaze me.  She understands so many words…and follows directions quite well for her age.  As 5 teeth come sprouting in…she shows a strong heart…and focuses on absorbing everything around her, watching her siblings…hearing, seeing, touching…learning…and toddling all around our home doing amazing feats!  She walks SO well and so confidently…she crawls up stairs and slides down them carefully.  After taking a few first steps at 1 when we first moved into our new carpeted home…she learned to turn 180 degrees quickly after.  She learned to kick a ball before she learned to walk…!   A day or so after learning to turn, she took off across the home!  We are surprised by her determination and confidence…and we are trying our best to keep up with her!

Sweet moments~

Next, we ate lunch, and Emma was too awake to go to sleep at this point. (Emma’s thankfully sleeping 12 hours at night now (15 1/2 months), but has dropped her morning nap, and keeps a somewhat short afternoon nap, usually 1 1/2-2 hours.).  We decided to instead go for a bike ride, and Emmy eventually snoozed in the bicycle cart and cuddled with her big sister.

As Emmy slept peacefully in the cart, Hannah and I decided to snuggle on the grass together at a playground and make a “nest” in the dirt.  After our ride, later in the day, Hannah and I did our Awana verse together, which delighted in the wonder of God’s creation.  We looked out our back window to play “I spy” and saw so many nests in the top of the trees behind our home 🙂

Some lessons~

Good ones~

*Hannah picked out “Poky The Little Puppy’s First Christmas” for her story in the afternoon and it talked about it being ‘better to give than to receive’…as Poky sweetly sacrificed his warm bed and new, shiny boot to his skunk friend…Hannah saw things she wanted to get at the PX that morning with me, but understood each time when mommy had to say “not this time.” As we read that line in the story late that day, Hannah quietly, but confidently, said “uh huh.” 🙂

*As I cooked dinner, Lewis and Hannah watched “Rack, Shack and Benny”…and Junior’s song about mommy and daddy not wanting them to eat too much sugar..was almost too sweet to be true for them to hear on the night before Halloween!

Tough ones~

*Hannah decided to write her “H” on the tile on the kitchen floor, despite mommy’s requests…and the marker somehow squirt in her eye…stinging for a moment, but reminding her to not draw on the floors.

*Hannah picked up an earwig, with my quick warnings that it might bite…but she managed to hold this earwig in her hand for a few minutes…and then it escaped and she picked it up again…and this little earwig decided it did NOT want to be picked back up and bit her.  I noted that earwig bites are not painful for very long 🙂

Sweet closure to our day~

Pumpkin carving!!  We did a kitty cat and some crosses on the side and I talked to the kids about my hand representing God’s hand, reaching in and digging deep into the pumpkin (representing our hearts), carving the icky pulp out of the pumpkin (icky thoughts), and putting the light (Christ’s light) into the clean, carved pumpkin, to shine so bright.

We are looking forward to roasting our seeds and making pies and my mom’s yummy pumpkin cookie recipe…making sweet treats out of the icky pulp…oh, such a wonderful representation of how God makes all things sweet and beautiful (for those who love Him).

Happy Halloween and let your lights shine so bright!  The Light of Glory…to Him who is Glorious and lives within us.

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