Hugs Hannah is 4!!!


This past week I took this photo of Hannah and Emma….Emma, our little strawberry shortcake, just turned 1 and Hannah, 4…their sisterly love is a treasure to my heart…

We cannot believe Hannah banana…we love nicknames 😉 …is 4!!!

Today we celebrated her birthday.  I loved spending time with sweet friends today…feeling surrounded by people who love us.  I loved seeing Hannah FULL…full of love, full of joy, bright smiles, dancing, twirling in her Elsa dress to Frozen.  I loved that daddy got to spend her birthday with her.  

Happy Birthday our dearest Hannah boo!

4 years ago, we welcomed this little girl into our lives…in an unexpected way…Hannah was transverse and try as I may to turn her through exercises, she was bound and determined to come out her own special way!  With one last prayer (and some tears), I consented to a c-section, realizing the battle was lost.  The most beautiful little baby was placed in my arms on August 28, 2010 at 8:52, 8 lbs, 0 ounces, 20 inches and 38 1/2 weeks…to term.  After having a premie, I felt so thankful and blessed to have such a healthy baby.  Daddy called her his “Daegu apple blossom” 🙂  I stared into her surprisingly blue eyes and fell in love with the daughter I had been longing for.  We named her “Hannah Grace” as Brian and I read the the story about Hannah in the Word a few days apart when praying over her name.  

Hannah is FUN, spunky, independent, creative, graceful, loves intimately, is compassionate, and loves to dance.  She adores her brother and is practically his personality traits and birth marks!  She cherishes her sister and is a wonderful little mommy to her.  She’s my little kitty and likes to crawl around and occasionally licks my face!…Her favorite character is “Elsa” and she likes to call Emma “Ana.”  She’s a very quick learner and likes to teach herself oftentimes…the girls and I love to be together and love on each other while we live “life.”

Emma’s strawberry blonde, wavy hair, with little curls on the bottom..bouncing around… reminds me she is entering toddlerhood…she is walking one hand in finger now and loves stepping out in confidence, upper lip sticking out, eyes focusing…  Her bright, sparkling eyes bring life and joy to my busy days…and her cuddles fill me up. She brings love, sweetness, and peace to our lives….her sweetness melts our hearts.  She has a different spirit about her…her face lights up as she claps and sings to worship songs, she pauses when I redirect, she is reflective and peaceful (except when eating books! 😉 ).  I simply cannot imagine life without Emma.  Her favorite book is “Smile.”

We wondered what 3 would be like…and we feel so blessed to have our home filled with 3 most precious, beautiful lives.

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