Hello Georgia!

We have landed in Georgia with our hero home and our family united!!!!  I feel so grateful for Brian, to have him here to live life with, to hold, to talk with, to even disagree with ; ), to raise children with, and to dream with.

Emma and I picked Brian up at the airport and it was just perfect.  Brian was teary-eyed as he picked up his 2 1/2 year old and held her in his arms.  Emma was delighted to see the man she had seen on the walls in her home for a whole year right before her eyes at last.  It’s difficult for me to describe that moment…but it was one I’ll never forget.

We embraced, we blinked, and then it was a VERY fast turn around to PCS from Kansas to GA.  Grandma came to watch ALL 3 kids for 4 days, which I can still barely believe she was willing and able to do that, while we went house hunting and in-processing at Fort Gordon, GA.  We knew the kids were in good and strong hands.  We stayed focused and were able to accomplish our tasks during those 4 days.  We came home, went to a Boy Scout Derby Race with Lewis and a Girl Scout Cookie Sail with Hannah and then said goodbye to grandma and partnered together to go through all our out-processing tasks and embark on our 3 day journey to Fort Gordon, GA.  It was a great trip, with a stop at a Children’s Museum, and time to go swimming at each of the pools in the hotels.  I felt so thankful for a husband who has unending energy and compassion for me and the kiddos.  I felt a bit weak physically after the end of the deployment and after 3 months, I am beginning to gain my strength back now.  I keep thinking how God provided during that period of time with Brian’s ability to be so focused and able to accomplish so many tasks while I focused on the kids.  We kept each other in check to make sure we didn’t forget anything and had the smoothest move yet.

We have been here for 2 months now!  I feel settled mostly.  We are enjoying the beautiful Georgia spring weather, but are told it will get quite hot very soon.  It’ll probably be a summer spent staying wet and cool at the pool, in sprinklers, and doing whatever neat missions God has planned for us.  I’m looking forward to the summer, the activities, the new relationships, seeing the fun plans opening up for the fall.

I am so thrilled to be able to write again…this is my passion and something I am so excited about right now.

Our home here was wonderfully provided for us…and is beyond our dreams…it is a southern colonial style home with a deck outside , a huge backyard, and a really nice playhouse for our children.  I have realized in this home and in past times that God’s desire for me at all times….and something that is essential to my soul and my happiness…is a content heart.  To be content in plenty and content in need.  I do feel content in this home.  I felt mostly content in our last home ; ) …and really content in our home before.  I see how God provides for us in each home we live in and how each person is specifically planted in our paths.  HOWEVER, sometimes, circumstances can tempt me to want to complain.

The last two weeks we battled lice in each of our hair just after I was thanking God that we haven’t had any lice in our kids hair in 7 1/2 years….BUT, I think we have won the battle now.  After many hours of combing and picking nits out of hair, doing laundry, vacuuming, spraying, and thinking about creepy crawlies on my kids’ hair…I battled having a discontent heart.  My mind went to all the things I could be doing with that time!!  God showed me to thank Him for the lice.  I don’t really believe He wanted me to actually be thankful for the lice, but instead to be thankful for difficult situations that help me fight to have a content heart…a heart that is fixed on Him and all He has done regardless of my circumstances.  I love a heart like that.  I love it when I feel like that.

I am thankful to be here, however long we get to be here, and I am thankful to feel God’s voice to us right now: LIVING LIFE ON MISSION.  We were SENT here.  I pray we are obedient to His Will and accomplish HIS MISSION.

Hello Georgia!!  We are glad to be here.

2 thoughts on “Hello Georgia!

  1. Hello dear ones! I am so happy you are closer to your family on the East coast! Looking forward to maybe seeing you someday soon! Welcome back Brian!
    Love to all
    Aunt Sharon

    1. so glad we were able to see you Aunt Sharon!! You are a blessing I think more than you realize. You radiate Him and I love seeing that in you. Much love and thanks for an incredible Thanksgiving memory. Once again on top of so many sweet memories I have with you.

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