Spring Beauties

I have been so excited to write about beauty.  God’s beauty, beauty of creation, beauty of His spirit…beauty of His spirit in us.  I love that we were created in HIS image.  We are bearers of the image of God.  That means, there is tremendous beauty IN us!!!  How about that for a thought when we first wake up from bed?  I am SO beautiful as I am hand made by God, bearing the amazing image of the creator of Heaven and Earth.  Wow.  That really propels me out of my bed feeling FULL in the morning.

I have sensed the need for me to dwell continually on the Lord.  There is so much around us that can make us sad and drag us down. However, God continually desires to FILL us up!  As I focus on Him, He does that for me.

I’ve seen beauty in His creation lately…flowers bursting forth with life, eggs from different birds hatching in their nests, beauty in my children’s hearts…beauty in my own and my husband’s…recognizing that it all comes from Him.  I have insight into the true beauty of God.  He longs to give it to all of us.  He longs to make Himself known.  I want to KNOW Him more than anything else.  Nothing more satisfies the deepest longings of my soul.

Here are some pictures of my kiddos during the first 4 months here.  Over the next few weeks, I’m hoping to write about LAST YEAR!!  I hope to tell the story…relive the story of how God provided, in moments where I trusted Him…and moments where I prayed for greater faith.  It was truly incredible…lonely at times, but knowing that God was enough. He was enough to get us through and now we are united together, living life together.  I think I have almost recovered now physically.  My body feels stronger and my mind is definitely stronger.  My spirit is renewed every day.

My next few blog entries will be FULL of pictures from the last 4 months of our adventures in GA!

In AWE of Him,



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