This word has sometimes beckoned me and sometimes cautioned me.  Sometimes, too many degrees can lead us to lean more on our own understanding rather than turn to Scripture or to hear God’s voice…for many years I have felt satisfied with getting my undergraduate and then starting our family…feeling content with the thrills and challenges of raising a family, all the while absorbing Scripture in every free moment I have had to read, often with two and less often with three 🙂 However, I feel as though I have hit the stage of my life where my heart is longing and even feeling called to go back to school.  I have pondered three different venues…nursing, teaching, and seminary. I have landed, with much thought and conversation with my wonderful partner and best friend in life, and prayer, and God’s leading…to teach.

As this calling has come as a little bit of a surprise…(even 6 months ago I wasn’t planning on going back to school!), but the time has arrived and I am finalizing my application to begin school in Augusta University with a MAT this fall.  I am excited and I feel comfortable with going to evening classes as little Emma starts pre-3K a few days a week in the AM.  I really cannot believe she is 3 now and I am thrilled at her excitement to start “school” like big brother and sister.  It feels strange, though, as I did a preschool program with both the older two, but I know I still have some days with her and we can still go through the same motions as the other two on the mornings we have together just the two of us.  It always feels so strange to think they are old enough for any kind of school when they look so little and still need you so much.  I am so very grateful for all the time I have had with her.  She has been the most wonderful companion and she is so very intelligent and remarkable at following instruction.  I hope to write a little update on each of the munchkins soon with recent pictures attached!

I cannot believe, God willing, two years from now, I might be a teacher!  This is what I love doing at home and I think what I will love learning about in college too.  My kids have taught me a lot, and now I get to learn more from books, others educators and my professors.

I am ready to go back to school now! 🙂

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