Emma’s 9 months!

Every day’s a holiday with Emma.

She reminds us so much of Lewis when he was a baby…his twinkly eyes, his joy…his laughter…his chub…his scrumptiousness 🙂  We adore her.  She’s got her sister’s deep beautiful blues…that draw us in.  She’s a peaceful little baby.  She’s changing into an older baby now…just the other day, I noticed that she was bored with several of her toys…I knew in that moment, she had transitioned to an older baby!  She is almost sitting up 🙂  She likes to stand up with help and play with her toys on a table top.  She is attuned to her surroundings and loves connecting eyes with us…her eyes just light up and a two tooth (almost 4 tooth) smile breaks out across her sweet face.  She loves to sit and watch her brother and sister play.  They love playing with her, making her laugh, and teaching her things.  Lewis can make her laugh the best of all of us…she thinks he is so funny!  Hannah loves having a sister and calls Emma her best friend.  She loves to take care of her and be with her.  I really cannot imagine not having 3 children!  It is a dream come true.

Happy 9 month birthday Emma 🙂


2 thoughts on “Emma’s 9 months!

  1. So happy for you cousin! We are about to have pur 3rd this December! I hope i can survive! Love you dearly your cousin Rebecca

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