Peace. Happy New Year 2017!!!

This word means so many things to me right now.

In the past, many times I thought of peace as a river, or an ocean, or being in the mountain tops all alone…where no stress, trouble, trials come….a place of perfect quietness.

Because of the nature of my life right now, peace means so much more.  Only this week…really in the past 10 years…has it been really quiet for any amount of time…I have the quiet…but oddly enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean a peace in my soul.  Although I feel peace in my heart right now, it isn’t coming from the scenery or quiet…it is coming from beautiful splashes of truth God is giving me…that ripple beauty, peace, love, joy, and hope deep in my soul.  It’s that feeling of all is truly well.  It’s the feeling of that this next year is going to be the best one yet…because of God’s goodness, His grace, His hope…because of HIM.

True peace, I think, comes from a restful state of spirit.  You can be in a place of perfect beauty, perfect quiet…but feel nothing but turmoil in your soul.  Peace comes from making the best choices you can…and trusting Him with the rest.  Peace comes from believing God’s truth over all the lies around you-spoken to you, about you, over you…perhaps lies you see others believing too.

Truly, I cannot imagine not having God in my life.  There is no real peace other than that which He gives.  Everything else is fleeting, transitory.

Last night I celebrated the New Year going to Red Robin to eat a tasty meal and lemonade and then going to Star Wars, Rogue One.  I chose Red Robin because that’s where my kids and I went to eat one day after church and we had a blast.  The people there were welcoming and sweet and I found a new movie theatre I had never been to before just down the road. I watched a movie that spoke little nuggets of realness to me…it is amazing how God can even speak through movies.  He spoke for me what should have been spoken to me in true life….but wasn’t.

Here’s my focus for the New Year: Train my mind and body to be strong and healthy. Speak TRUTH IN LOVE.  BE BOLD.  God has the final say.  He truly does. We cannot fear speaking what is needed to be spoken.  I am determined to stay focused this year…to speak words of healing, of love, of power.  To let go of all the old, and joyfully welcome the new.  This is a season of change for me.  I am embracing whatever God has planned.  I am embracing the new creation He is working in me.  Truly, we cannot change others, but we can find ways to love them and speak truth to them in love.  There is much sadness in the world, but then God lifts our heads up and gives us A MESSAGE OF HOPE.  Would you believe that THIS is the line that was spoken in the first few minutes of the new year to me?  What is it your highness? Princess: A Message of Hope.  Each character fighting for the force in the movie believed God was protecting them enough to complete their mission.  For as long as they could they believed and they did their part.  They did die…but they each accomplished their mission…as long as they were allegiant to the Force.  My allegiance is to God wholeheartedly.  Sometimes in my circle, this creates so much conflict.  How much easier would it be to just go with the flow?  Sometimes, it’s just not a big deal and that is the better choice.  Sometimes, it is NOT.  God never betrays, never leaves, never forsakes us.  The message of the gospel never gets old to me…with each new situation I am in, every trial I face, I get to learn something new about Jesus, about myself, about the gospel.  I am so passionate about it.  The gospel brings life, newness, beauty in our lives.

My pastor told our congregation this morning to LIVE WELL.  Use your body and your soul and all yourselves for the mission of Christ.  God cares deeply not only for our souls, but our bodies too.  How can we be beacons of light if our bodies are hurting?

I tried to do that last night…eating healthy, getting rest, resting my body, resting my mind…allowing His peace to engulf me.

I am attempting to train for a marathon right now.  I can barely believe it myself.  I am excited to set my mind on a goal…a dream that I’ve had for years and one I truly believe my body can accomplish.  However, I have a little ways to go to get in that good of shape.  But, I believe I can do it and I feel motivated to do it.

Here’s to the new year and training for this marathon.  3 months until show time.

Happy New Year 2017!!!

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