Easter 2017

I love Easter for so many different reasons.  This Easter was so special to me. Visiting with family, watching my kids love on the people I love and seeing my relatives adore and cherish them as well.  There is nothing like the love that God intended for families.

I really do enjoy the Easter Egg Hunts with my kids and seeing how they participate in them over the years.  This past weekend, we were blessed with two family and church egg hunts.  They go by so quickly really, that I am so grateful we had 2.  Sweet Emma wanted to make sure the little kids found their Easter Eggs, Master Lewis raced around not wanting me to say a word to him lest he miss even one Easter egg, and Hannah disappeared from sight finding her eggs in a quiet way.  I hope the kids can remember them and going to the same homes and places I went to as a little girl.  We stayed in a most beautiful home at my Great Aunt Libby’s and got to see my Aunt Ruth at a family Easter celebration, and I got to spend quality time with my other two Aunts- Aunt Geri and Aunt Sharon.  I went to Sunday School, and got to listen to my Great Aunt Libby teach the Bible and the Resurrection, while I watched my kids play so sweetly at a fun playground outside.  I saw my Aunt Libby, cousin Joanne, and Aunt Sharon sing in the choir, and my Aunt Geri ask for prayer from the congregation for my grandmother.  My days were filled with such sweet moments, with such loving people.  Each of them took the time to embrace me and love me deeply.  I cherish this so much during this time of my life.  Truly, in the hardest moments of life, God’s love reaches so deep.

I come from a very compassionate family and I am so grateful for that.  They love family and they love love.  I fit in quite well 🙂

I read today in the Word about God’s unfailing love comforting us and that His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations).  I am thankful for the mercies I had this weekend in being with family and also for today in having the entire morning to do laundry, clean my apartment, and clean out the car FULL of Easter Eggs!

I haven’t posted pictures in awhile, because the old cord I have for transferring pictures didn’t work and then the new one didn’t work either.  I am downloading them from dropbox, and hopefully, that will work, but THIS picture of Emma I received from a relative I spent time with this weekend. You might be surprised, she is growing so very tall.  She doesn’t consider herself a little girl anymore and thinks often of turning 4, well, I think she wanted to skip her 3 year old birthday all together and just turn 4…but we are trying to make the most of each day of 3…she’s been such a gift to me this little girl and I treasure each moment with her.

Happy Easter 2017 and I pray and hope all of you can live deeply rooted in the NEW LIFE that God offers us in Christ.  Easter is simply a reminder of that, but each moment is another opportunity to live and believe in the NEW LIFE that Christ so graciously gave us in a most costly death.  I want ALL of that GRACE and ALL of that New Life that His death may not be in vain.


Here’s Emma at 3 1/2 🙂Emma Easter 2017




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