Inadequate? Thank-you Jesus!

I heard a lady say recently in a bible study…with such honesty and transparency, which I treasure…I feel so inadequate.

I loved the bible study leader’s response and began thinking about the topic of inadequacy myself.

The bible study leader responded with the truth that we are all inadequate, and that we can be ok with that because God is fully adequate. If we were adequate, we would not need God.

My thoughts continued as I thought…we should thank God for our inadequacy.  He knows we are inadequate to do everything we are called to do.  We know…we feel it…we ARE inadequate.  So what?  So, we have joy in knowing that our fully adequate God gets to show up all the time in our life proving Himself to be everything we dreamed Him of being.  And we can learn to trust Him and love Him and believe Him more and more.  This sounds like a win-win situation to me 🙂


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