God, can you fix this?

I loved reading something I felt deep in my gut that I knew was truth from Beth Moore’s twitter.  She said sometimes God doesn’t fix a relationship either because the other person simply doesn’t want to or because He knows the relationship is not going to work out.

Although this can be hard to accept, I do believe it is true.  We all know that a relationship cannot work if both parties do not want it to work or try to make it work.  But, sometimes there can just be a mismatch.  Your interests are different.  Your passions are different.  Your dreams are different.  That is why prayer is so important in getting into a friendship or long-term relationship.  For me personally, I prayed often before getting married and all throughout my marriage.  At the end of it now, I feel certain that God used that relationship in certain ways to be a blessing.  But, when it ceased to be a blessing, God allowed it to end.  I do not think He wanted it to end, nor did I, but He grievingly allowed it to end.

As my relationship ended with my husband and all throughout our time of separation, I saw God beckoning my husband to keep trying to be faithful and think good thoughts and work at it.  Although I do not wish to write anything harmful to my former husband, I did see him continually say “no” to God.  The Lord showed me that over time, if we get into the habit of saying “no” to Him, it becomes a pattern that is not so easily undone.  Our thoughts become futile and darkened and our ability to reason is far away from the light.

In contrast, the Bible tells us that God’s Word transforms our mind and renews it.  Some people simply do not read the Bible because they do not want to be told what to do (even if it will save them), they do not want to spend the time reading or understanding the Word, or they do not want to be convicted of their sin.

I agree with Beth Moore that in order for someone to have a lifelong passion and pursuit of Jesus Christ, it takes the act of the Holy Spirit to enable it.  The World will try to distort our thinking and make us feel like we are good enough or we do not need Jesus.  It will even tell us we are fanatics for thinking we need so much of Jesus.  But, I tell you, look at their lives, are they bearing beautiful fruit without the Lord in their lives?  Or are they turning to temporary pleasures to fill up the hole that only God can fill?

It is true that some of us have different-sized holes for God.  I believe He made us this way.  It doesn’t make us any better or any worse because we need God so much or think of Him often.  It is truly believing a lie to go to either extreme.  I believe God has given me a big hole and a desperate need for His Holy Spirit.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t continually think of Him, His Word, and His purposes for me and those around me.  I thirst for the living God daily.  I am, I suppose, designed a bit self-aware that I acknowledge my need for daily dependance on Christ. I have come to accept that this is not a default design….it is VERY different from many other people, but I was PERFECTLY DESIGNED this way by my Creator. I thank God for it and sense He has a special plan for this design…right now and for my future.

And back to our original topic…

“God, can you fix this?”

I think He is looking down in love saying, “No, Dawn, not this time, because I designed you two so differently, but I have used this relationship thus far for my purposes, and now that it is at an abrupt end, by man’s choice, although I won’t fix it, I can redeem it.”

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