Trip to Disney 2017!!



Precious memories I have from Disney…I love these photos and I love these kids.  I feel so grateful to have had this trip with them.  It was wonderful to see their tanks so full every day.  Each morning we talked about all the surprises God would have for them that day.  Each day we reflected on them.  I am always so grateful for pictures to capture the moments that God so sweetly gives us.  I want the kids to remember the good to carry them through the hard.  I love that Jesus started our trip out with his name written in the sky.  You are good, good, ohhh, yes you are good God.  Thankful to be filled up and experience this amazing trip with Lewis, Hannah, and Emma…and thankful to have a break when I got back.  Although I missed the kids greatly, I needed the break and time to get several important things accomplished!  One week was perfect. And so good to have them back.

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