1st day at Disney, Magic Kingdom, Jesus loves you written in the sky

I loved this.  Our first day of Disney.  Although I lost my voice, I could look up to the sky and see His name spelled out for me to focus on, to know His great love for me.  As we danced to the Disney parade that just came around as we just arrived at Magic Kingdom, the rest of the words, “Jesus loves you.” were spelled out by an airplane.  I pointed the kids eyes up to the sky.  I truly felt the Lord provide this trip for us as a culmination of a long, hard year…we needed Disney this year in 2017.  And through clapping and 3 amazing kids who stayed close to me the whole week (mostly) and paid such close attention to mommy’s claps…I quickly realized that what the enemy intended for harm (sickness), God allowed to show me that all I needed to get these sweet kiddos to listen was my hands.  And we had a week full of blessings and surprises.  Thank-you Jesus for yourself.  And thank-you for Disney.

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