Uncle Ben's Thanksgiving 2017This Thanksgiving I was so deeply grateful to spend time with my brother and his precious family.  We don’t always get as much time as we would like with each other, but have continued to connect when we are able with our super busy lives!  I love the times we can connect, remember sweet times, and encourage one another.  I’ll always have a special place for my brother reserved in my heart.

I’m grateful for his amazing wife who truly is on Fire!  She supports my brother working at the Pentagon, loves being a momma two their beloved 2 girls, and actually teaches 2nd grade all at the same time.  My nieces are 13 and 11 now and it hurts every time I realize this.  Time truly is flying by so quickly.  I love these girls deeply and look forward to the next time I get to see them.

I love seeing cousins get together.  I love to see their sweet hearts connect, play, and make memories together.  I’m always a little nervous though, hoping every moment is a great memory together!! 😉

Although I was sick for Thanksgiving, I was blessed to have my sister-in-law’s amazing cooking, the love of my brother and family, and the sweet presence of my children sitting with their cousins all at the beautifully decorated table to enjoy the traditional meal that we historically celebrate…still…because of the unlikely love of the Indians and the settlers.  Really, the Indians who chose to not be territorial, but to help these foreign people survive.  That day was a celebration…and time of hope, a time of fellowship really, and a confirmation from the Lord that indeed, this was the new land He was calling his people to.  Yes, I believe it was like a Promised Land.  However, there was much to learn about this promised land and the settlers needed a lot of help.  Thank God there was a kind-hearted Indian there to help them.

I love seeing acts of love in my daily life that inspire me and touch my heart…really any love and trust we human beings can have is divinely inspired and the beauty of it all is that the love wouldn’t stand out so much except in the darkness of our world…LOVE shines so bright.  I try and keep my eyes open and peeled to what God is showing me each day so I can hear from Him…outside of my Scripture reading…so I can SEE HIM.

He is a God who loves to reveal Himself.  And we are His beloved children.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

We are doing well…so thankful and blessed.


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