Enough is Enough.

breaking free imageThis title popped into my head today as I contemplated what I would write on my day off.  I think, even as I listen to Christian radio and study my bible and press into Jesus…it remains evident to me that the sad sickness of humanity is being stuck on ourselves.  And we cannot save ourselves from this sickness, only our Savior can….but I sure can watch myself that I do not fall into this pit of focus on self.  It is the process of sanctification and we have to be resolute to put others’ needs above our own.

Some of the most amazing missionaries I have ever known and listened to are ones who have completely died to self.  They fix their eyes on Jesus and circle all of their lives around Him.  WHO HE WAS.  HIS DAILY BREAD for them.  HIS DAILY GUIDANCE to them.  HIS INTIMATE LOVE for them.  HIS FORGIVENESS OF SINS.  HIS INCREDIBLE OFFER OF DAILY HOPE.

You know, all my life, it seems, I have wanted to be a missionary.  But, so often actual missionary families have reiterated what I know to be true.  We are missionaries right where we are.  I am the hands and feet of Jesus to my own family and also to the people around me.  I humbly acknowledge that as I study the Word each day, God gives me some truth to share humbly with another.

I had an opportunity to do that in an unlikely place yesterday.  God confirmed to me that this lady really needed to hear what I had to share.  I thank God for using me even when I am negligent.  It always proves to me that He wants to use us wherever we are.  OF course we are not perfect vessels, we’ll never be, but as God is in the process of making us holy, we can share His love and truth with others in need.  THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A MISSIONARY!!  If we have this mindset that the missionaries have the job of spreading the Gospel and we do not…we are deeply mistaken, because all of God’s chosen people have not only everything they need to share, but also have the responsibility to share.  Even when I am silent, my mouth burns inside of me as King David would say.

As we die to selfishness…and oh there is a list of symptoms that come with this disease….we will indeed be set free to be a open vessel to shine bright for Jesus.

One day, all knees will bow and tongues will confess.  What are we waiting for?  We can go and share and bring this day closer that we might get to enjoy heaven sooner.  This is the pressing urgency the Word gives us to share now.

Enough is enough.  Be free from self as the Savior sets you free.

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