My beloved readers,

I want to give you the reason for joy today, inexpressible joy that is available to you and me every day, but is also the theme of this week in Advent. Jesus. His person, His sacrifice is the reason. Not our circumstance, not our feelings, but History…what He did for you and me, the undeniable occurrence in history. Jesus died. And He could have saved Himself from his destiny. But He chose to die so we could have hope, joy, anc the courage to face all of life’s challenges here on earth surrounded by the Prince of Darkness and those who are used by him. And ultimately He died because He wants you and me with Him in the most glorious place. He paid the ultimate price. Because of love.

Here are a few reasons I have this Christmas for having joy ~

My salvation is secure.

I have full forgiveness of all my past, present, and future sins.

I get to spend eternity in heaven, the most glorious place we cannot even imagine and get to have perfect fellowship with God and all other believers.

The health I do have 🙂

The unrelenting personal love and faithfulness of Yahweh.

The growth God is giving me in certain areas of my life.

My beautiful precious arrows…children…and their sweetest acts of love towards me.

Sweet family, friends, and neighbors.

You are the reason for my joy Yahweh. Always.



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