The constant companion

This morning as I awoken, I realized I had the day alone to take care of different tasks.  I wake up each day reminding myself of Immanuel, God with us.  And each day I know He is.  But, it is so wonderful to be reminded in tangible ways throughout my day that the Lord truly is with me.  His kindness in many different ways to me today was so sweet.

I know I have, as most women do deep down inside, a terribly romantic heart.  And it is true that Christ is sufficient for even the most romantic woman.  I love that God’s love is whole, complete, enough for me.  Since I have become a Christian, my eyes have been attuned to the ways that God shows me His love…through His Word, through people, and in Me, through His Spirit.  God IS LOVE.  When I am convinced of the depth of love God has for me, I am capable of doing anything He asks me to.

God really does more than we can ever ask or imagine…and I love being able to experience this today, several different ways.  God is perfect in His love, He gives us time together (if we choose to spend it with Him), gifts to us each day, acts of service, words of encouragement, and well, the last one He usually does through those we love…touch.  I think, though, well…I am quite certain that when I get to heaven, I will get a grand big hug from the Almighty Himself…because of the righteousness and love of Christ…even though He is holy, we do get to spend forever together with Him in perfect ecstasy.  I’ve heard what heaven is like described as perfect, unending love.  What we all need, what we’re all looking for.  But, why wait until heaven to experience this?  I don’t think it is my impatience that is getting the best of me this time, either…no, I think it is what the Lord intends for us here on earth.  He created us with the need and He does not let the need go unfulfilled.  He is the only one that can meet the need perfectly.

I praise the Lord today for all the little ways He reminds me that He IS IMMANUEL.  He DID COME.  AND HE IS HERE, just not yet appearing to our naked eye…not time to take us back…but never far away.  He promises us He will be with us until the end of time and I BELIEVE.

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