Prayer 2018~The Unfathomable Relationship.


Increasingly, I think I understand what is so wrong in a human’s heart and it is simply put in my opinion….the desire to RULE oneself.  I find this not only in unbelievers, but believers themselves…in fact I am frightened to find it in myself too.

Prayer to me is unfathomable.  So many people do not do it.  My intent in this post is to explore several reasons why people don’t pray…to get to the heart of the lies the Enemy has in their minds to prevent such a wonderful relationship from blossoming, and therefore to inhibit the power of faith and results in that believers life.

Most Christians believe it is a kind way of saying “I’m thinking about you.”  Or perhaps, “wow, you really need help (this may reveal a lack of understanding of their own dependency on the grace of Christ).”  These are often superficial ideas of prayer.  However, most people do not pray because they really do not what to know what God wants them to do!  They have no intention of asking or submitting.  You see, submission is not only a word used when describing the relationship between a wife and her husband when there is a difference, it is a word that applies to all of humanity.  We are all meant to do the Lord’s Will here on earth as it is in heaven.  Our master created us.  He knows us.  And He knows what is best for us and others.  IF only we could submit.  It is not easy for us to do, particularly if there is a strong will, but when our will is strong and conformed to God’s…it is a beautiful thing.

In our culture’s way today, however, prayer is a by-word when we do not know what else to do.  Many feel helpless when they see others hurting, so they tell them they will pray.  That is a good thing, but if not followed through, empty words that leave others feeling unloved.  Prayer is essential, you see.  God is waiting to see if we truly care or if we are too self-centered.  I try, when I tell others I am praying for them, I tell them I will earnestly pray for them.  Often I fast when there are urgent prayers, to remind myself to pray, and to communicate to my Lord my heart is aching and willing to sacrifice for the person for whom I am praying.  I notice, though, the internal sinful desire to tell them I fasted and prayed.  Perhaps it is to tell them how much I care…but somewhere deep inside, I wonder if it the desire for them to know how much I am sacrificing.  I don’t know.  I tell myself it is the former, but am plagued by the possibility it is the latter.

I have been a prayer warrior for 16 years– most days I pray all throughout my days, but there are times I feel as though I might need to change my prayers or check up on their answers to know how God answered or if I need to pray differently.  What I do know is that God knows all our thoughts and ways and HE ALWAYS ANSWERS MY PRAYERS IN SOME FASHION.  I have had incredible miraculous answers to prayers that hardly seemed possible or real at the time.  I think back often to those answers.  Each time, though, God continues to show me He heard me and He cares and He is working on my friend or family member’s behalf.

I know that we pray to a merciful, POWERFUL God.  Scripture tells us to come boldly before the throne in confidence as children of God.  I come trembling to be sure deep down in my spirit, but then with a burst of boldness knowing how good God is.  Don’t be mistaken, He has incredible POWER to change our circumstances.  We have to pray and we have to believe and be willing to conform to His will.

We must believe, above all, as we pray the Lord’s Will, that our prayers will be answered.  This is the unfathomable relationship.  And another reason why so many struggle to pray.  It is hard for people to believe they are so incredibly, unconditionally loved.  It is hard to believe God is truly as powerful as He is.  And it is hard to believe that he cares incredibly for His own, that He attunes His ear to us and answers our prayers in ways we could not possibly imagine.

It is unfathomable.  But, the good news is that it is TRUE!!  Please let prayer be an essential and continual part of your new year 2018.  It is a very active way to transform your circumstances in ways you never thought possible.

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