The New Year 2018

new year's fireworksAs I contemplate this past year and this next year ahead, I think of several things:

First, I thank God for the successes of last year…plans that I committed to the Lord, plans  in which He gave me success.

Next, I thank Him for He is continually transforming and renewing my mind, reminding me each day is a new day and I am a new creation in Him.

Lastly, I know next year will be even better than 2017!

Here’s to 2018, the plans and dreams God is moving in your hearts and mine and those I am taking to Him tonight to wait and trust in Him to bring to pass.

God wants us to be successful, productive, and resting/trusting in Him continually.  If we commit our plans to Him, and they are part of His will, they will prevail.

Amen!  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!

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