I have a dream.

I embarked upon taking the first step towards making a dream come true last night…attending my first class for this winter/spring semester towards getting my MAT in Early Childhood.  I’d like to take the GACE to be a secondary English teacher as well, but all of this waits as a challenge and quest for the future.

Oftentimes, I think making a dream come true requires little steps…like attending a class, doing homework, writing a paper, taking an exam…but they are all steps moving us closer to our dream.  This dream of teaching grows in my heart as I gather together with other like-minded people…people who love children, people who long to teach or already are teaching.  People who want to invest in little people’s lives.

My dream is to become an elementary teacher who also is qualified to teacher Secondary English.  And also to write my first book!  These are my two dreams, one in which I’d like to come true before I turn 36, and the other I would like to diligently work towards this year.

It is true if you set goals, you are more likely to achieve them!  It is also true that if you commit your plans unto the Lord, that He will help you achieve them, if they are indeed His Will for your life and destiny.

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