I have a dream…

As I talked this weekend with my kids about Dr, Martin Luther King’s dream, as we watched together his famous speech in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue…we talked about dreams; having Godly dreams, as well as goals, and praying and working in partnership with the Lord to make them come true.

I asked the kids individually what dreams they had this year.  Two out of three gave me goals they had and one gave me a sweet charitable dream.  While I explained the difference between goals and dreams as well as the similarities, I just generally encouraged them to dream and to slowly work towards their dreams.

We talked this evening about Joseph and his dreams. We talked about when not to share and when to share and with whom to share.  We talked about how Joseph’s dreams came true.

We talked about how Dr. King’s dreams have come true!  I remember even one year ago on this day, I took a friend’s daughter, my daughter’s best friend, to the YMCA and we all swam together.  Her friend was African American.  I remember on that day thinking it was quite interesting that it was Dr. King’s Day that we all went swimming together and to church together the next day.  It was very special and memorable.

This time, I feel a dream that has been stirring in my heart for some time, begin to unfold hopefully this week.  I will take action to make this dream come true and I will pray fervently that God walk me through everything I need to do to make it come true.  It is a passion on my heart and I am hopeful and excited for it to come to pass.  I will tell you when things are set in stone if indeed God has blessed this dream and its timing!

Dream your dreams tonight.  Know that there is a God who can put the power and purpose to your dreams and He can help them come true.

I pray I never stop dreaming.


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