Jesus’ unfailing love: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Today I felt the unfailing and sweet love of Christ.  I’ve felt it a thousand times throughout my life, but when Christ chooses to once again display His love to me in a different way, it always fills up my soul and propels me forward in faith once again.

It is true, the enemy wants our faith more than anything else.  I did something in faith recently and the Enemy was waiting for me when I came to serve…twice.  Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  This verse has comforted me more than once in my life.  Particularly, in my experience, when something happens that seems unjust…God uses it to move me elsewhere where His glorious plan for me lies…and I would have never experienced if the unjust happening had not happened.

The truth we can hold on to, the promise we can cling to is that God always has good plans for those who love Him.  Plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  It is a promise.  And God never breaks His promises.

I loved how Christ gently, softly, and surely walks me through the sin I see in each situation….then He frees me from situations that are not safe for me, and sets me in spacious places.  And brings me to arms of love.  And a place where my spiritual gifts and physical gifts (strength, singing, service, etc).

This morning, our church made us feel so loved, so wanted, so needed, and I knew the Holy Spirit was present in these sweet souls sitting next to us.  We met beautiful people inside and out and I am so deeply grateful to my Saviour for what He continually shows me about Him and His unfailing love.

God reassures me of my dreams that He can make them come true.  This is so very comforting during a time when so much is dependent on on my work, my actions…so much pressure exists right now for the future depends so much on the present.

I praise God for He holds my future in His hands.  He holds all of our future in His wonderful, capable, loving hands.  This fact gives us so much peace that this world simply cannot give us.

Happy Valentine’s Day:

to all of you as you reflect on God’s incredible, unfailing love for us.  May we seek this Wednesday, which is also Ash Wednesday, to demonstrate God’s love to those around us who the Lord has placed in our lives.

May you know the depth of God’s love to you and being deeply rooted in His love, as God’s Word tells us, to move forward to obey God in everything He asks us to do.

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