The Power of Moving On.

As I sit tonight and contemplate different challenges in my life, I conclude that in situations that you have mulled over in your head and tried to figure out, overcome, solve, resolve….and no progress is made, there must be a choice to decide to move forward, to move on.  For me, moving on doesn’t mean not caring, not remembering…it simply means acknowledging the fact that I do not have the power to change the situation, but rather, that God, in His own timing, does.  Some situations do not change.  However, I believe in faith, that certain situations I am continually dealing with that are a challenge to figure out how to change, how to overcome…the solution really for me is to lay the situation at rest in the hands of my Heavenly Father.

As I know the Lord more and more throughout my life, I realize just how powerful, wise, good, majestic He is (over and over) and it is so much easier to trust Him when I correctly view God Almighty.  He is perfectly capable of handling the situation and surrender is a choice we make, not to give up, but to trust God’s power and ability to handle a situation that we simply aren’t able to change.

If I can call myself a Christian, then I must have a deep faith and trust in God.  This means the ability to surrender the outcome to Him.  I can plant seeds, I can show I care, I can love with all my heart, but ultimately growth is in God’s hands.  He makes creation grow, and He makes human hearts grow.

There are a few situations that I need to surrender tonight and I will gladly trust God with them.

Moving on means focusing on the here and now and the next step, while having faith that God can mend the past and prepare a beautiful future.  Nothing is impossible with God.  I believe moving on is a choice, and sometimes a continual choice…to not look back, to not try and fix, to not dwell, but simply to say, “it’s time to move on.”  God IS fully capable to turn this situation into something good.

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